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You’ll have your hipsters and the guys who are all GQ’d, and obviously the douche-bags who are wearing Ed Hardy,” David said. East-Asians drink what everyone else drinks. Bottle service orders are dominated by vodka, while bar orders are mostly Jagerbombs and tequila shots. Asian Glow” exists. (It’s increased acetaldehyde accumulation, ok?) “Some people will have one sip of beer and they’ll turn red,” David laughs.

Friday night is Asian Night-it’s when club owners are most likely to ask Epic to help them bring in an Asian clientele. However on Saturday it’s completely different,” he said, noting that the demand for “white” nights goes up. David said that among ethnicity- or nationality-specific events, East-Asian parties are generally busier than those aimed at South-Asian or Black patrons.

Not to be racist,” he quickly added. It’s just how it goes.” For Epic Nights’ current residency at Pure, David brings in hundreds of people per week. On special events like Halloween, that number can go up to as high as 3,000. “And its like at least 99 per cent Asian,” he said.

Asian” doesn’t mean “905.” “Uptown, downtown, Mississauga, we have people coming in even further than that,” he said. Focusing on Asian patrons is a business decision. Most clubs don’t do well if they don’t do Asian,” he explained. Maybe seeking out white crowds is, too.“White people tend to spend the most,” David said. At the same time, “Asian clubs” are stigmatized.

  • Orchid // 82 Peter St
  • Dundas St W
  • You don’t have to go home but you can’t stay at the library
  • Is very friendly, they attended to you in a blink of an eye, very impressed
  • King Street West, Toronto · 1-866-470-5464
  • Moxie’s Toronto Downtown
  • Mile Thompson Hotel
  • Hour lounge use $70 + tax

There’s a saying in Toronto, ‘Once you go Asian, your club’s going to shut down,’” David said. Nightclubs Embassy, XS and Live all introduced East-Asian residencies last year. Shortly after, they all closed. Most Asian clubgoers are Chinese. There is a ton of Chinese people in Toronto,” is David’s simple analysis.